Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Simon Cowell Possibly Leaving American Idol

Simon Cowell says he is "absolutely not" interested in staying in his American Idol judging role if the show falls from its perennial top spot in the television ratings rankings.

He has no interest on being on the show if it's not No. 1, he told The Hollywood Reporter: "Being No. 1 is verging on an obsession with me. I don’t like being No. 2. I don’t mind when you start at No. 10 -- people don’t always go on as No. 1 -- and you’ve got somewhere to go. But if you’re at the point you’ve reached it, of course you want to stay there."

"I don't accept the argument of fragmentation or declining numbers," he added. "The Super Bowl goes up every year."

With Cowell's deal with Fox expiring at the end of next season, that something new could be a U.S. version of his U.K. singing competition series "The X Factor." Any doubts about Cowell's role in the success of "Idol" disappeared when he launched "Factor" three years ago. The similarly formatted show became a massive hit that has since supplanted "American Idol" predecessor "Pop Idol.

Meanwhile, Paula Abdul said on ABC's Nightline Tuesday night that although her contract to do American Idol ends at the end of this season, she has no plans to leave. "I love the show, I do. I love what I do on the show."

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