Monday, April 20, 2009

Detroit Lions Unveil New Helmet

Well it looks like the Detroit Lions will try new uniforms following the 0-16 season. The biggest change will be the to the helmet. More specifically to “Bubbles” — the leaping lion mascot that’s has appeared on the team’s helmets since the early 1960s.

The classic Honolulu blue, white and black colors remain unchanged.

The uniforms themselves have tweaks to some stripes and piping, making the overall changes more of a clean-up than a drastic overhaul.

"We will consistently present the Lions as a first-class organization with a clear sense of mission and direction," said Detroit Lions President Tom Lewand. "We have made several significant changes this offseason in accordance with that commitment. The introduction of this new brand identity is another element of that process. Today is an exciting and historic day for this franchise.

"The new identity retains many important aspects of our history in terms of our primary mark and our colors. However, the evolution allows us to present our Lions brand and visual identity in new, versatile and distinctive ways. We stand firmly committed to improving the team on the field. That success is always the most determinative factor of any NFL brand."

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