Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Peapod Car That Uses iPhone As A Car Key

It's small, it's slow and probably won't turn heads but darn it, the thing sure is cute.

The Peapod is a four-seater, and it's features are a range of pluses and minuses, compared to most vehicles: a maximum speed of 25 mph, a range of 30-35 miles on a single charge, no air conditioning, no air bags, practically no need for maintenance since it's mainly an electric motor and batteries, a lifespan of 8-10 years and a sticker price of $12,500.

Available for order on Earth Day, the car is a product of a Peapod Mobility, a division of Chrysler subsidiary GEM, which has been making small electric vehicles for 10 years. GEM has had strong sales in retirement communities and college campuses.

The Peapod even comes with iPod and iPhone integration aimed at making the devices not only entertainment, but functional, with custom-made applications, including one that tracks your driving habits and compares your savings to a gas guzzling car.

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