Saturday, May 2, 2009

Cowboys Practice Facility Destroyed By Storm (Video)

Dallas Cowboys special teams coordinator Joe DeCamillis was among those injured Saturday after the team's indoor practice facility collapsed during a thunderstorm.

DeCamillis was taken away on a stretcher after sustaining a possible neck injury, and 10 total members of the team's staff were taken to area hospitals. There were two additional hospital walk-ins, but none of the injuries are considered life-threatening.

As many as 70 people were inside the tent-like structure when it collapsed, including coaches, journalists, and players. "We believe everybody is now accounted for," Mayor Gears said.

The storm was producing winds measured at 64 mph just before it struck the Cowboys facility, said National Weather Service meteorologist Joe Harris in Fort Worth. A weak tornado is in the range of 65-110 mph, according to NWS guidelines. Power was knocked out for less than an hour.

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  1. Hello Don,

    Thank you for keeping me updated. I didn't realize this happened and I hope everyone was ok. I would prefer more sports stories like this.


    -Resounding Glass


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